Segmental arthroscopic resection of the hypertrophic mediopatellar plica.

  title={Segmental arthroscopic resection of the hypertrophic mediopatellar plica.},
  author={John C W Richmond and John B McGinty},
  journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research},
In a retrospective review of 64 knees (58 patients) treated during a 36-month period by segmental arthroscopic resection of a hypertrophic mediopatellar plica, each patient was questioned and/or examined a minimum of one year after surgery. Medial or retropatellar pain (95%), buckling (32%), swelling (25%), and snapping (16%) were symptoms associated with a hypertrophic mediopatellar plica. Findings during physical examination of medial and retropatellar tenderness (74%) suggest the presence of… CONTINUE READING
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