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Seeking SUSY fixed points in the $4-\epsilon$ expansion

  title={Seeking SUSY fixed points in the \$4-\epsilon\$ expansion},
  author={P. Liendo and Junchen Rong},
We use the 4 − expansion to search for fixed points corresponding to 2 + 1 dimensional N=1 WessZumino models of NΦ scalar superfields interacting through a cubic superpotential. In the NΦ = 3 case we classify all SUSY fixed points that are perturbatively unitary. In the NΦ = 4 and NΦ = 5 cases, we focus on fixed points where the scalar superfields form a single irreducible representation of the symmetry group (irreducible fixed points). For NΦ = 4 we show that the S5 invariant super Potts model… Expand

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