Seeing the portal in herpes simplex virus type 1 B capsids.

  title={Seeing the portal in herpes simplex virus type 1 B capsids.},
  author={Ryan H. Rochat and Xiangan Liu and Kazuyoshi Murata and Kuniaki Nagayama and Frazer J. Rixon and Wah Chiu},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={85 4},
Resolving the nonicosahedral components in large icosahedral viruses remains a technical challenge in structural virology. We have used the emerging technique of Zernike phase-contrast electron cryomicroscopy to enhance the image contrast of ice-embedded herpes simplex virus type 1 capsids. Image reconstruction enabled us to retrieve the structure of the unique portal vertex in the context of the icosahedral capsid and, for the first time, show the subunit organization of a portal in a virus… CONTINUE READING

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