Seeing the local in the global: Political ecologies, world-systems, and the question of scale

  title={Seeing the local in the global: Political ecologies, world-systems, and the question of scale},
  author={Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro},
Contextualizing other political ecologies: Japan's environmental aid to the Philippines
This paper argues for the utility of a focus on contextualized sources of environmental change to address the ever more diverse contexts of political ecology. In order to overcome the conventional
Politische Ökologie des Postsozialismus
Abstract. The consequences and effects of the socialist experiment are still felt today, a quarter century after the system change in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. The political, economic and
Probing the interfaces between the social sciences and social-ecological resilience: insights from integrative and hybrid perspectives in the social sciences
Social scientists, and scholars in related interdisciplinary fields, have critiqued resilience thinking’s oversimplification of social dimensions of coupled social-ecological systems. Resilience
Addressing scale in open pace preservation: learning from the Hague region in the Netherlands
Landscapes can be understood as the dynamic interplay between biophysical, social, policy and political processes. The ‘politics of scale’ approach is a promising approach to study these dynamics.
Concepts of Scale
This chapter provides some clarity to the scale debate. It bridges a variety of approaches, definitions and jargons used in various disciplines in order to provide common ground for a concept of
Policy Discourses and Marginal Places: Histories of Environmental Democracy in India and Sweden
Past decades have been marked with grassroots struggles around the use and access to natural resources such as forests, both in the global South and in the global North. On the one hand, we have
Scalar thickening: Wildlife management areas and conservation scales in southeast Tanzania
The debate on scale in geography has yielded nuanced concepts that have enhanced scale analysis and methodologies for scale-related research. Despite this advancement, questions still linger on the
Network political ecology
This paper argues for the development of ‘network political ecology’, drawing on the insights from regional political ecology and recent advancements in network theories of scale, to meet the
Three essays on our planetary future
This thesis propounds a techno-environmentalist position. Seeking to combine the need for natural restoration with human development, the thesis explores to what extent more radical forms of


Ecological and geographical scale: parallels and potential for integration
Scale has emerged as a major issue in both ecology and geography in recent decades. Little effort has been made to compare these parallel debates, however, or to seek an integrated conception of
Matter, Space, Energy, and Political Economy: The Amazon in the World-System
Many authors have attempted co-incorporate the local into the global. World-systems analysis, though, is rooted in processes of production, and all production remains profoundly local. Understanding
Political Ecology Across Spaces, Scales, and Social Groups
"Political ecology is a strong and growing interdisciplinary field of inquiry, and this book makes a welcome and unique contribution. Susan Paulson and Lisa Gezon have put together an engaging and
Reconsidering ‘regional’ political ecologies: toward a political ecology of the rural American West
Political ecology has recently seen a long-overdue movement toward studies of environmental conflicts in advanced capitalist societies, far from the rural African, Latin American, and Asian societies
Political ecology : an integrative approach to geography and environment-development studies
Zimmerer, Bassett, Approaching Political Ecology: Society, Nature, and Scale in Human. 1. Protected Areas and Conservation. Young, Balancing Conservation with Development in Marine-Dependent
The Modern World-Systemas environmental history? Ecology and the rise of capitalism
This article considers the emergence of world environmental history as a rapidly growing but undertheorized research field. Taking as its central problematic the gap between the fertile theorizations
Political ecology: where is the politics?
To political ecologists today, it might seem odd – ridiculous perhaps – to ask whether political ecology is sufficiently political. It has been the better part of two decades since Michael Watts
The world system and the Earth system: Global socioenvironmental change and sustainability since the Neolithic
Introduction: Conceptualizing Socio-Ecological Systems Alf Hornborg, Lund University PART I: Modeling Socio-Ecological Systems: General Perspectives 1. Historical Ecology: Integrated Thinking at