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Seeing behind black hole horizons in SYK

  title={Seeing behind black hole horizons in SYK},
  author={Ping Gao and Lampros Lamprou},
: We present an explicit reconstruction of the interior of an AdS 2 black hole in Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity, that is entirely formulated in the dual SYK model and makes no direct reference to the gravitational bulk. We do this by introducing a probe “observer” in the right wormhole exterior and using the prescription of [arXiv:2009.04476] to transport SYK operators along the probe’s infalling worldline and into the black hole interior, using an appropriate SYK modular Hamiltonian. Our SYK… 
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It is suggested that a semiclassical wormhole corresponds to a certain class of such density matrices, and how they are constructed is suggested, and it is shown that this language allows for a finer criteria for when the wormhole is semiclassicals, which goes beyond entanglement.
Towards microscopic models of AdS2 holography
  • 2022


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