Seeing Sounds and Hearing Colors: An Event-related Potential Study of Auditory–Visual Synesthesia

  title={Seeing Sounds and Hearing Colors: An Event-related Potential Study of Auditory–Visual Synesthesia},
  author={Aviva I. Goller and L. Otten and J. Ward},
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  • Aviva I. Goller, L. Otten, J. Ward
  • Published 2009
  • Psychology, Computer Science, Medicine
  • Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • In auditory–visual synesthesia, sounds automatically elicit conscious and reliable visual experiences. It is presently unknown whether this reflects early or late processes in the brain. It is also unknown whether adult audiovisual synesthesia resembles auditory-induced visual illusions that can sometimes occur in the general population or whether it resembles the electrophysiological deflection over occipital sites that has been noted in infancy and has been likened to synesthesia. Electrical… CONTINUE READING
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