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Seeds of hope : local initiatives in Thailand

  title={Seeds of hope : local initiatives in Thailand},
  author={S. Ekachai and Khana Kammakān Ph{\oe}̄iphrǣ l{\ae} Songs{\oe}̄m Ngān Phatthanā},
Sex in the City: Prostitution in the Age of Global Migrations
The article traces the history and current role of gendered migration and sexual labor through an exploration of the contradictions inherent in gendered migration in which rural youth are migrating
Activist forest monks, adult learning and the Buddhist environmental movement in Thailand 1
In the tradition of grassroots environmental movements worldwide, activist Buddhist monks in rural Thailand have, since the late 1980s, led a popular movement to protect local forest, water and land
Sexe et villes: la prostitution à l'ère des migrations mondiales
issue for Lillian. As an immigrant labourer herself, she faced restrictions on her employment while in Canada, and felt limited in her political activities by her status. She experienced repeated
« Sex and the City » : la prostitution à l’ère des migrations mondiales
Comme caracteristique du developpement capitaliste, la migration economique a toujours entraine le travail sexuel. A l’heure de la mondialisation, cela signifie pour beaucoup de femmes, qui emigrent
Ethnic dimensions of attitudes towards computers in developing societies: computer anxiety and PC involvement
Examination of computer anxiety and involvement with personal computers of six groups of computer-using students from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Tanzania and Thailand found differences were found but they were probably attributable to demographic factors.