Seeds of discord

  title={Seeds of discord},
  author={Margaret E. Smith},
A useful, though partial, survey of how we breed the plants we eat. 
Agriculture and Biotechnology
Background For centuries, farmers have improved the varieties of their crops by careful selection for desired traits, breeding out inferior strains and choosing plants for their hardiness, the
United, Regardless, and a Bit Regretful: Confederate History Month, the Slavery Apology, and the Failure of Commemoration
Three governors of Virginia issued a succession of proclamations declaring April to be the month in which Virginians should celebrate their Confederate forebears; a few years afterwards Virginia
Triangulating the Two Cultures Entanglement: The Sciences and the Humanities in the Public Sphere
The Sciences, the Humanities, and the “gulf of mutual incomprehension” For quite a long time now, we have lived with the two cultures divide. A “gulf of mutual incomprehension”, wrote C.P. Snow, is
Disruptive Technologies, Stakeholders and the Innovation Value-Added Chain: A Framework for Evaluating Radical Technology Development
Contemporary frameworks for evaluating technological innovations contend that innovative success is dependent upon the ability of firms to acquire and assimilate new knowledge without disrupting


A novel view of global warming
Jo Public is smarter than we think. When I reviewed the film The Day After Tomorrow for Nature (429, 347–348), I said that it couldn’t really do any harm, and it made geophysics look cool, so we