Corpus ID: 153124610

Seeds of Success: State Prekindergarten Initiatives, 1998-1999.

  title={Seeds of Success: State Prekindergarten Initiatives, 1998-1999.},
  author={Karen Schulman and Helen Blank and Danielle Ewen},
  • Karen Schulman, Helen Blank, Danielle Ewen
  • Published 1999
  • Political Science
  • A small self contained positive displacement pump which contains no mechanical type valves, and which can be utilized to transfer a finite quantity of liquid. A flexible looped tube is placed within a groove and a pumping head is superimposed thereover. The pumping head is attached to a rotatable shaft and causes fluid to flow through the tube when a peripheral edge portion of the head collapses a marginal length of the looped tube while traveling circumferentially about the groove. 

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