Seeds of Pure Beta-ray Emitter (Yttrium-90) for Radiation Hypophysectomy

  title={Seeds of Pure Beta-ray Emitter (Yttrium-90) for Radiation Hypophysectomy},
  author={John R. Mallard and A. McKINNELL and P. E. FRANCOIS},
PITUITARY ablation has recently been advocated for certain forms of advanced malignant disease with metastases, notably carcinoma of the breast. Such an ablation could be produced by irradiation, and gamma-ray emitters have been used interstitially by some workers1,2. For example, 10–20 mc. of radon in gold seeds has been implanted in the gland via the nostril and sphenoidal sinus1, and seven out of twenty-five patients were reported to have benefited. In some cases, however, it was reported… CONTINUE READING