Seed and seedling ecology of piñon and juniper species in the pygmy woodlands of western North America

  title={Seed and seedling ecology of pi{\~n}on and juniper species in the pygmy woodlands of western North America},
  author={J. Chambers and S. B. Wall and E. Schupp},
  journal={The Botanical Review},
Knowledge of the seed and seedling ecology of the piñon and juniper woodlands of western North America is essential for understanding both the northward migration and expansion of the woodlands during the Holocene (< 11,500 B.P.), and the accelerated expansion of the woodlands since settlement of the West by Anglo-Americans around 200 years ago. We follow the fates of seeds and seedlings of the different piñon and juniper species within the woodlands from seed development to seedling… Expand
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