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  title={See Blockindiscussions, Blockinstats, Blockinand Blockinauthor Blockinprofiles Blockinfor Blockinthis Blockinpublication},
  author={Ilianna Lourida and Maya Soni and Jo Thompson‐Coon and Nitin B Purandare and Iain Lang and Obioha C. Ukoumunne and David J. Llewellyn},
On BLOCKINthe BLOCKINtheoretical BLOCKINbasis BLOCKINof BLOCKINperfusion measurements BLOCKINby BLOCKINdynamic BLOCKINsusceptibility contrast BLOCKINMRI 

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Rampant software errors undermine scientific results.

It is estimated that in fact most scientific results are probably wrong if data have passed through a computer, and that these errors may remain largely undetected.

Covert channels-here to stay?

  • I. MoskowitzM. Kang
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of COMPASS'94 - 1994 IEEE 9th Annual Conference on Computer Assurance
  • 1994
It is shown how trade-offs can be made to reduce the threat of covert channels and why a capacity analysis alone is not sufficient to evaluate the vulnerability and a new metric is introduced referred to as the "small message criterion".

IP covert timing channels: design and detection

It is shown that the regularity of a timing channel can be used to differentiate it from other traffic and present two methods of doing so and measures of their efficiency.

Data mining - practical machine learning tools and techniques, Second Edition

This book describes a body of practical techniques that can extract useful information from raw data and shows how they work.

Using Naive Bayes with AdaBoost to Enhance Network Anomaly Intrusion Detection

  • Wei LiQingxia Li
  • Computer Science
    2010 Third International Conference on Intelligent Networks and Intelligent Systems
  • 2010
This paper constructs a network based anomaly intrusion detection system using naive Bayes as weak learners enhanced with AdaBoost (Adaptive Boosing machine learning algorithm), experiment using KDD ’99 cup data proved that the IDS can achieve extremely low False Positive and has acceptable detection rate.

Double counting in ecosystem services valuation: causes and countermeasures

Many studies have been conducted on ecosystem services and double counting is a frequent problem that causes uncertainty and poor reliability of estimating the value of ecosystem services. By

Trade-offs across Space, Time, and Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem service (ES) trade-offs arise from management choices made by humans, which can change the type, magnitude, and relative mix of services provided by ecosystems. Trade-offs occur when the

A detailed analysis of the KDD CUP 99 data set

A new data set is proposed, NSL-KDD, which consists of selected records of the complete KDD data set and does not suffer from any of mentioned shortcomings.


This work investigates multiple centroid-based unsupervised clustering algorithms for intrusion detection, and proposes a simple yet effective self-labeling heuristic for detecting attack and normal clusters of network traffic audit data.

Anti-jamming timing channels for wireless networks

This paper shows that it is possible to detect failed packet events inspite of jamming, and explores single sender and multisender timing channel constructions that may be used to build a low-rate overlay link-layer.