Sedimentation and electrophoretic migration of DNA knots and catenanes.

  title={Sedimentation and electrophoretic migration of DNA knots and catenanes.},
  author={Alexander Vologodskii and Nancy J Crisona and Ben Laurie and Piotr Pieranski and Vsevolod Katritch and Jacques Dubochet and Andrzej Stasiak},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={278 1},
Various site-specific recombination enzymes produce different types of knots or catenanes while acting on circular DNA in vitro and in vivo. By analysing the types of knots or links produced, it is possible to reconstruct the order of events during the reaction and to deduce the molecular "architecture" of the complexes that different enzymes form with DNA. Until recently it was necessary to use laborious electron microscopy methods to identify the types of knots or catenanes that migrate in… CONTINUE READING

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