Sediment Mobilization by Hurricane‐Driven Shallow Landsliding in a Wet Subtropical Watershed

  title={Sediment Mobilization by Hurricane‐Driven Shallow Landsliding in a Wet Subtropical Watershed},
  author={Carlos E. Ramos-Scharr{\'o}n and Eugenio Y. Arima and Anna Guidry and Danielle Astrid Ruffe and B. Vest},
  journal={Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface},
The role of individual tropical cyclones in mobilizing sediment by shallow landsliding has been studied widely in islands of the Pacific but hardly within the Insular Caribbean. An opportunity to conduct such a study materialized in 2017 when Hurricane María provoked over 70,000 landslides on the island of Puerto Rico. Through aerial photo interpretation and high‐resolution digital elevation models, this study provides an estimate of the net mobilization and delivery of sediment by shallow… 
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Hurricanes and landslides

  • L. Zinke
  • Geology
    Nature Reviews Earth & Environment
  • 2021
A study in JGR Earth Surface examines the link between Hurricane María and sediment mobilization by landslides in Puerto Rico.



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