Security of remote voting system based on Visual Cryptography and SHA


Online Voting System (OVS) Using Visual Cryptography (VC) aims at providing a facility to cast vote for critical and confidential internal corporate decisions. It has the flexibility to allow casting of vote from any remote place, The election is held in full confidentiality by applying appropriate security measures to allow the voter to vote for any participating candidate only if he logs into the system by entering the correct username, password, and the shares. Our proposed technique is a web based voting system that permits voter to vote independent of location. Security of any information is concerning issue and it very sensitive for online voting system. Proposed system does not use any biometric application, without using biometric function authentication of the voter is done. In this system votes are encrypted by AES encryption algorithm to provide the security. AES encryption algorithm is faster and encryption is done in minimum time. So, it saves the time and improves the performance of system. The proposed scheme is cost-effective and at the same time satisfies the security requirements of an online voting system.

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