Security of Sea Lines: Prospects for India–Japan Cooperation

  title={Security of Sea Lines: Prospects for India–Japan Cooperation},
  author={Gurpreet Singh Khurana},
  journal={Strategic Analysis},
  pages={139 - 153}
  • G. Khurana
  • Published 8 June 2007
  • Economics
  • Strategic Analysis
Abstract Ensuring access to crude oil and natural gas forms a crucial component of India's security calculus. It also critically underlines the significance of sea transportation through which much of these vital resources are traded. With India virtually insular in terms of its land communications, its trade interests are increasingly focused on the maritime domain. Its vital interests in the security of sea routes at the same time are beginning to converge with those of Japan, the economic… 

China, India and “Maritime Silk Road”: Seeking a Confluence

In the coming years, the texture of China–India relations will be a crucial determinant of the geopolitical, economic and security environment of Asia, with a strong impact on the global order. Both

Maritime Security and Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific Region

  • G. Khurana
  • Political Science
    Artha - Journal of Social Sciences
  • 2019
The centre-of-gravity of world‘s economic power is shifting eastwards to the ‗Indo-Pacific‘, a maritime-configured macro-region that spans the maritime underbelly of Asia connecting the Indian and

India's Geopolitics and Southeast Asian Security

slowly. The debate on India's rise and its implications for Asian and global balance of power centres around the new expectations and residual scepticism about the sustainability of India's recent

Vietnam’s Responses to India’s Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiatives and Opportunities for Vietnam–India Maritime Cooperation in the South China Sea

The geostrategic, political and military position of the Indo-Pacific region has become increasingly important to major countries, in terms of influence and opportunities for developing cooperation

Transformation of Japan–India security relations: from imperial–colonial era to free and open Indo-Pacific

ABSTRACT The ‘Indo-Pacific’ framework constructed upon the emerging shift in geopolitics from the Atlantic-Pacific to the Pacific-Indian Ocean region has underlined the increasing significance of

Asia’s Security Triangles: Maritime Minilateralism in the Indo-Pacific

Since the early years of the twenty-first century, a number of key regional governments have consciously chosen to alter the way they talk about the region, and have now largely shifted from using

Navigating Dangerous Waters: Australia and the Indo Pacific

For the last four decades, Asia-Pacific has been the dominant concept defining the wider Pacific region. However, in the last decade a new construct has emerged illustrating the new balance of power

In defence of the Indo-Pacific: Australia's new strategic map

The 2013 Australian Defence White Paper categorically termed Australia's zone of strategic interest the Indo-Pacific, the first time any government has defined its region this way. This raises

Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific: Mixed Opportunities and Challenges from Connectivity Strategies

“Maritime security,” “Indo-Pacific,” and “connectivity” are currently three buzzwords that are used frequently but lack clear definitions. Maritime security receives global attention due to the

Russia, China, and the concept of Indo-Pacific

The newly minted concept of the “Indo-Pacific Region” (IPR) is generally seen as a response by the United States and its allies to China’s growing influence in strategically important areas of the



Securing the Sea Frontier: China's Pursuit of Sovereignty Claims in the South China Sea

Abstract China's maritime territorial claims, and its diplomatic and military measures to attain them, have caused much regional concern in recent years. The expansive maritime sovereignty claims of

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