Security for Broadband Internet Access Users

  title={Security for Broadband Internet Access Users},
  author={James Trulove},
  booktitle={Information Security Management Handbook, 6th ed.},
  • James Trulove
  • Published in
    Information Security…
    8 August 2019
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BROADBAND ACCESS METHODS High-speed access is becoming increasingly popular for connecting to the Internet and to corporate networks. The term “high-speed” is generally taken to mean transfer speeds above the 56Kbps of analog modems, or the 64 to 128Kbps speeds of ISDN. There are a number of technologies that provide transfer rates from 256Kbps to 1.544Mbps and beyond. Some offer asymmetrical uplink and downlink speeds that may go as high as 6Mbps. These high-speed access methods include DSL…