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Security-Hardening Software Libraries with Ada and SPARK - A TCP Stack Use Case

  title={Security-Hardening Software Libraries with Ada and SPARK - A TCP Stack Use Case},
  author={Kyriakos Georgiou and Guillaume Cluzel and Paul Butcher and Yannick Moy},
The work is part of a series of white papers to demonstrate how the SPARK technology, a subset of the Ada programming language supported by formal verification tools, can be applied for the securityhardening of Software libraries. The first white paper of this series, [8], introduced the SPARK technology through the conversion of a C benchmark suite to SPARK. The work demonstrated how the use of the SPARK technology could guarantee the absence of runtime errors without significantly impacting… 

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Model(Sock) = (Model(Sock)'Old with delta S_State => TCP_STATE_CLOSED

    S_Reset_Flag => True) or else (if Sock.S_State'Old = TCP_STATE_CLOSE_WAIT then

      Old or else elsif Sock.S_State'Old = TCP_STATE_ESTABLISHED then Model(Sock) = Model(Sock)'Old or else Model(Sock) = (Model(Sock)'Old with delta

      • S_State => TCP_STATE_CLOSE_WAIT))))

      Security-Hardening Software Libraries with Ada and SPARK