SecureCEdit: An approach for secure cloud-based document editing


Cloud-based online document editing services, such as Google Docs, provide an inexpensive and efficient means of managing documents. There is also improvement in accessibility and collaborative capabilities for users. However, storing data on cloud also raises certain security and privacy concerns, especially when the data is of confidential and sensitive nature. To overcome the confidentiality issue with the current online document editing services, this paper presents a novel secure cloud-based document editing solution, called SecureCEdit, which uses a web-based application that stores the users' document over cloud storage (Google Drive, in our case) in encrypted form, yet provides majority of online editing functions. The proposed solution is not only computationally secure, but also provides a performance improvement of 19.87% while saving documents when compared to Google Docs.

DOI: 10.1109/CNS.2016.7860548

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@article{Arora2016SecureCEditAA, title={SecureCEdit: An approach for secure cloud-based document editing}, author={Shashank Arora and Gaurav Varshney and Pradeep K. Atrey and Manoj Mishra}, journal={2016 IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS)}, year={2016}, pages={561-564} }