Secure safe ambients


<i>Secure Safe Ambients</i> (SSA) are a typed variant of <i>Safe Ambients</i> [9], whose type system allows behavioral invariants of ambients to be expressed and verified. The most significant aspect of the type system is its ability to capture <i>both</i> explicit <i>and</i> implicit process and ambient behavior: process types account not only for immediate behavior, but also for the behavior resulting from capabilities a process acquires during its evolution in a given context. Based on that, the type system provides for static detection of security attacks such as <i>Trojan Horses</i> and other combinations of malicious agents.We study the type system of SSA, define algorithms for type checking and type reconstruction, define powerful languages for expressing security properties, and study a distributed version of SSA and its type system. For the latter, we show that distributed type checking ensures security even in ill-typed contexts, and discuss how it relates to the security architecture of the Java Virtual Machine.

DOI: 10.1145/360204.360223

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