Secure handoffs for V2I communications in 802.11 networks

  title={Secure handoffs for V2I communications in 802.11 networks},
  author={Carlos Ga{\~n}{\'a}n and Sergi Rene and Jose L. Mu{\~n}oz and Oscar Esparza and Jorge Mata-D{\'i}az and Juan J. Alins-Delgado},
Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are emerging as a novel paradigm for safety services, supporting real-time applications (e.g., video-streaming, Internet browsing, online gaming, etc.). However, maintaining ubiquitous connectivity remains a challenge due to both high vehicle speed, and non-homogeneous nature of the network access infrastructure. Getting access to the network infrastructure must be controlled and only authorized users should be able to use it. However, the authentication… CONTINUE READING