Secure and low-overhead circuit obfuscation technique with multiplexers

  title={Secure and low-overhead circuit obfuscation technique with multiplexers},
  author={Xueyan Wang and Xiaotao Jia and Qiang Zhou and Yici Cai and Jianlei Yang and Mingze Gao and Gang Qu},
  journal={2016 International Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI)},
Circuit obfuscation techniques have been proposed to conceal circuit's functionality in order to thwart reverse engineering (RE) attacks to integrated circuits (IC). We believe that a good obfuscation method should have low design complexity and low performance overhead, yet, causing high RE attack complexity. However, existing obfuscation techniques do not meet all these requirements. In this paper, we propose a polynomial obfuscation scheme which leverages special designed multiplexers (MUXs… CONTINUE READING