Secure and flexible support for visitors in enterprise Wi-Fi networks


Secure Opportunistic Hotspots (SOHs) are Wi-Fi networks that provide secure access not only to members of the organization (e.g., company or home) that owns a network, but also members’ invitees and any paying visitors that may be within range. Support for invitees can enhance their visit and promote collaboration, while paying visitors can help the organization recover its fixed networking costs. SOHs allow visitors to access only the Internet, and limit the bandwidth they may use. Because paying visitors use trusted third-party online payment servers, such as PayPal, they can use without long-term commitment any SOH they may come across. Unlike commercial hotspots, SOHs tolerate low utilization and availability. Experiments demonstrate the limited effect of visitors on the performance experienced by members and acceptable delay for visitors’ online payment.

DOI: 10.1109/GLOCOM.2005.1578240

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