Secure On-Demand Source Routing for Ad Hoc Networks

  • Qiuna Niu
  • Published 2008 in
    2008 4th International Conference on Wireless…


Mobile Ad hoc Network is an emerging research area with practical applications. Due to its fundamental nature, however, a malicious attack may disrupt the route discovery process and significantly affect the Quality of Service delivered by the network In this paper, we introduce a new secure routing protocol, Secure On-demand Source Routing (SOSR), which follows a number of basic techniques of ad hoc on-demand routing protocols. Our protocol is based on promiscuous receive mode, successfully defeats different types of identified attacks and detects misbehaviors of abnormal nodes. The only requirement of the protocol is a shared key between the communication end nodes. In particular, the scheme offers low processing overhead for intermediate nodes of the network.

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@article{Niu2008SecureOS, title={Secure On-Demand Source Routing for Ad Hoc Networks}, author={Qiuna Niu}, journal={2008 4th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing}, year={2008}, pages={1-4} }