Secure Data Transmission in Extended Ethernet Environments

  title={Secure Data Transmission in Extended Ethernet Environments},
  author={Francisco Recacha and Jos{\'e} Luis Mel{\'u}s-Moreno and X. Sim{\'o}n and Miguel Soriano and Jordi Forn{\'e}},
  journal={IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications},
An extended Ethernet LAN is built connecting toDEPT. B SUBNET gether several Ethernet segments by means of suitable devices (repeaters, bridges, etc.). A common way to make this interconnection is through a main segment, called the “backbone,” that joins each of the departments (or, perhaps, building floors) within the owner premises. Unfortunately, once the cable laying is finished, it is often inevitable that the backbone can be accessed in areas of difficult or impossible control by the… CONTINUE READING
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