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Secure Data Hiding in Images within Selected Zones

  title={Secure Data Hiding in Images within Selected Zones},
  author={Neha Manjrekar and Shruti Savant and Deepashri Chavan and Heena Azmi and G. Sharma},
  journal={International journal of innovative research and development},
Security has become one of the most significant problems in distributing new information. It is necessary to protect this information while communication over insecure networks. Cryptography and Steganography[7][8] are two major techniques for secret communication. This paper presents a high security model by combining cryptography and steganography[7][8] techniques which encrypts the text data and then  hides the encrypted data in the robust regions of the image. It will facilitate secret… 


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This paper is going to propose a framework for embed text string into digital color images and the text that is embedded is perceptually invisible to Human Visual System (HVS).
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An Application Based on Steganography
  • H. KaramanŞ. Sağiroğlu
  • Computer Science
    2012 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
  • 2012
A steganography application for the receptions of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey is developed, and the identity information of the guests are first encrypted, and then embedded in their photos using the LSB technique on BMP images.
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