Secular trends in stature in Poland: national and social class-specific.

  title={Secular trends in stature in Poland: national and social class-specific.},
  author={Tadeusz Bielicki and Alicja Szklarska},
  journal={Annals of human biology},
  volume={26 3},
Mean statures of Polish 19-year-old males, as estimated from large national random samples of conscripts examined at 10-year intervals, increased from 170.5cm in 1965 to 176.9cm in 1995. The average statural gain of 2.1 cm per decade is rather high compared to other European countries, although not exceptionally so. In addition, secular trends were analysed separately for each of seven selected social groups, each group comprising subjects equated for three social criteria. The rank-order of… CONTINUE READING

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