Sections and Shadows of Four-Dimensional Objects

  title={Sections and Shadows of Four-Dimensional Objects},
  author={Michal Zamboj},
  journal={Nexus Network Journal},
  • Michal Zamboj
  • Published 15 May 2018
  • Computer Science
  • Nexus Network Journal
Methods of constructions of sections and shadows of four-dimensional objects are explained. We visualize images of an object and its section or shadow at the same time in a double orthogonal projection on two perpendicular three-dimensional spaces. Our techniques are similar to the methods used in Monge’s projection of the three-dimensional space. Constructions are created in the interactive 3D modeling software GeoGebra 5, in which the user can freely move some input elements. We focus on a… 

Quadric Sections of Four-Dimensional Cones

  • Michal Zamboj
  • Mathematics
    Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
  • 2018
Graphic constructions of real three-dimensional quadrics as cuts of four-dimensional cones with three-dimensional spaces are described. All the constructions are presented on interactive models in

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The double orthogonal projection of the 4-space onto two mutually perpendicular 3-spaces is a method of visualization of four-dimensional objects in a three-dimensional space. We present an

Synthetic construction of the Hopf fibration in a double orthogonal projection of 4-space

The recently introduced method of visualization of 4-space by its double orthogonal projection onto two mutually perpendicular 3-spaces is applied to investigate the Hopf fibration as a four-dimensional relation without analogy in lower dimensions.

M ay 2 02 1 Synthetic construction of the Hopf fibration in a double orthogonal projection of 4-space

The Hopf fibration mapping circles on a 3-sphere to points on a 2-sphere is well known to topologists. While the 2-sphere is embedded in 3-space, 4-dimensional Euclidean space is needed to visualize

Enabling four-dimensional conformal hybrid meshing with cubic pyramids

A novel refinement strategy for four-dimensional hybrid meshes based on cubic pyramids and a new class of fully symmetric quadrature rules with positive weights are generated for the cubic pyramid.



Double Orthogonal Projection of Four-Dimensional Objects onto Two Perpendicular Three-Dimensional Spaces

A synthetic approach, with the use of basic descriptive geometry tools of Monge’s projection in interactive 3D graphical software, is taken, for improving the spatial ability and understanding of the four-dimensional space.

Visualization of a Die and Other Objects in Four-Dimensional Space

This paper proposes a geometric method for imagining and constructing the 4-dimensional analogue of a 3-dimensional object, in this case a cubical die. First, a 4-dimensional analogue of a rolling

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Analyzing the procedures needed to justify and evaluate a system as this for teaching humans to 'see' in four dimensions leads to the proposal of a generally applicable four-step visualization paradigm.

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One method of visualizing a 4-dimensional object is to construct its 3-diraensional shadow. This involves imagining a point source of light at infinite distance in the dimensional space in which the

High dimensional direct rendering of time-varying volumetric data

An alternative method for viewing time-varying volumetric data is presented, which considers such data as a four-dimensional data field, rather than considering space and time as separate entities, to extract and present different space-time features to the user.

3D Visualization Model of the Regular Polytopes in Four and Higher Dimensions

This paper presents a tutorial review of the construction of all regular polytopes in spaces of all possible dimensions . .It focusses on how to make instructive, 3-dimensional, physical

A visualization method of four-dimensional polytopes by oval display of parallel hyperplane slices

A method to visualize polytopes in a four-dimensional euclidian space (x, y, z, w) by means of a simple input method based on keyboard typings to facilitate a grasp of the four- dimensional configuration of the polytope.

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There are many concepts in Four-Dimensional Synthetic Geometry that should be analyzed under the light of the Pour-Dimensional Descriptive Geometry. In this paper such analysis is suggested in the

Dali's dimensions

Salvador Dali's image of the crucified Christ represents the search for the transcendental or fourth dimension. Artists, theologians, mathematicians and cosmologists down the ages have all joined in

Polar Perspective: A Graphical System for Creating Two-Dimensional Images Representing a World of Four Dimensions

The author introduces a system of perspective called Polar Perspective. He explains in nontechnical terms the structure of polar perspective images and how to construct them. Using polar perspective,