Section of IUPHAR GI pharmacology symposium with hungarian academy of sciences on biochemical pharmacology as an approach to gastrointestinal disorders (basic science to clinical perspectives) Pécs, Hungary, october 12–14, 1995

  • O. M. E. Abdel, Roland Faludi, L Nakrv, supportedbythe MungarianNational ResearchFound, G. Vfirbir, B. Stimegi
  • Published 2005 in Digestive Diseases and Sciences


S ON IUPHAR GI PHARMACOLOGY MEDIATING ROI.E OF NEUROPEPTIDES AND NITRIC OXIDE IN GUT MOVEMENTS. L lilaah0. Depa,qment of Phaonacology, University Medical School P~cs. H-7643 Pdes, Hungary A better understanding oflbe mechanisms of coordinated intestinal movements is of potential use for the management of of movement disorders such as paralytic liens or… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02093841


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