Section III. General discussion

  title={Section III. General discussion},
  author={Henry Riall Sankey and Herman Moore and Alfred Ewing and Thomas Martin Lowry and Guy Dunstan Bengough and Nicolas Belaiew and Charles Frewen Jenkin and Roslyn Seligman and Henry Leonard Heathcote and Alfred W. Porter and C. E. Stromeyer and William Henry Patchell and Ashleigh Spittle and Loughnan St Lawrence Pendred and Gerard Muntz and Owen William Ellis and Shipley N. Brayshaw and Andrea McCance and Ernest Alfred Smith and R. H. N. Vaudrey and Jonathan Humfrey and Hatfield and Rosenhain and Leonard Archbutt and Cecil Henry Desch},
  journal={Transactions of The Faraday Society},

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