Section 2 Reviewer Comments Author Response

  • Published 2011


Introd The terminology currently used is CRPC and not HRPC and should be mentioned in the background Secondary Hormonal treatments are routinely used prior to chemotherapy in this space and should be mentioned Additional androgen receptor targeting drugs such as abiraterone/MDV31 in late phase development in the background would help % of patients who were symptomatic in both SWOG and TAX 327 trials should be added Page 4: Mention must be made that optimum timing to start chemotherapy after sipuleucel T not known/mentioned. Median time to docetaxel in IMPACT was 7.2 months We changed terminology. Secondary hormonal treatments are now mentioned. SWOG symptomatic % was added FDA labeling does not address this, therefore not mentioned. Docetaxel timing mentioned later in report.

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