Secretory phospholipase Pla2g2a confers resistance to intestinal tumorigenesis

  title={Secretory phospholipase Pla2g2a confers resistance to intestinal tumorigenesis},
  author={Robert T. Cormier and Karen H. Hong and Richard B. Halberg and Trevor L. Hawkins and Paul Richardson and Rita Mulherkar and William F Dove and Eric S. Lander},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
Individuals inheriting the same mutation predisposing to cancer may show very different outcomes, ranging from early aggressive cancer to disease–free survival. Experimental mouse models can provide a powerful tool to identify factors in the environment and genetic background that account for such modifications. The Min mouse strain1, in which the ApcMin mutation disrupts the mouse homologue of the human familial polyposis gene2, develops intestinal neoplasms whose multiplicity is strongly… CONTINUE READING
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