Secretion processing and activation of Erwinia chrysanthemi proteases.

  title={Secretion processing and activation of Erwinia chrysanthemi proteases.},
  author={C{\'e}cile Wandersman and Philippe Delepelaire and Sylvie L{\'e}toff{\'e}},
  volume={72 2-3},
E chrysanthemi, a phytopathogenic enterobacterium, secretes several enzymes into the medium such as pectinases cellulases and proteases. It also produces 3 distinct and antigenically related extracellular proteases. The proteases secretion pathway seems to be distinct from that of the other extracellular enzymes since pleiotropic mutants impaired in cellulase and pectinase secretion are unimpaired in protease secretion. E chrysanthemi proteases B and C secretion occurs without an N-terminal… CONTINUE READING