Secretion of catecholamines from individual adrenal medullary chromaffin cells.

  title={Secretion of catecholamines from individual adrenal medullary chromaffin cells.},
  author={D J Leszczyszyn and J A Jankowski and O. Humberto Viveros and Emanuel J. Diliberto and Joseph A. Near and R Mark Wightman},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={56 6},
Catecholamine secretion has been measured with electrochemical techniques from isolated, single adrenal medullary chromaffin cells with carbon-fiber microelectrodes. The electrode tip, which is of similar dimensions to the cell, is placed adjacent to the cell to enable the measurement of local secretion. Secretion is caused by exposing the cell to nanoliter volumes of solution containing nicotinic receptor agonists or depolarizing agents. The identification of secreted substances is made with… CONTINUE READING


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