Secretion of TFF-peptides by human salivary glands

  title={Secretion of TFF-peptides by human salivary glands},
  author={Wolfgang Jagla and Antje Wiede and Margitta Hinz and Knut Dietzmann and Dirk G{\"u}licher and Klaus Louis Gerlach and Werner Hoffmann},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
TFF-peptides (formerly P-domain peptides, trefoil factors) are typical secretory products of mucin-producing cells and seem to influence the rheological properties of mucous gels. Here, localization studies of TFF-peptides in human salivary glands are presented. Expression studies (polymerase chain reaction) revealed mainly TFF3 transcripts in submandibular and sublingual glands and trace amounts in parotid glands. Only low levels of expression of TFF1 could be monitored in submandibular and… CONTINUE READING