Secretion of Sulfonamides in Milk Following Intramammary Oral and Parenteral Administrations

  title={Secretion of Sulfonamides in Milk Following Intramammary Oral and Parenteral Administrations},
  author={G. Paar and R. Cannon and G. Hawkins},
  journal={Journal of Dairy Science},
Summary Commercial preparations of sulfonamides were administered to lactating dairy cows by one or more routes to determine the duration of their secretion in milk. Neoprontosil injected intramuscularly at the rate of 240 gr/cow was not detected in milk during the first 24-hr post-injection. Intravenous injection of sulfabrom (0.25 gr/lb of body wt), suljex (772 gr/cow), and sulfamerazine (0.5 and 1.0 gr/lb of body wt) resulted in detectable levels of drug residues for maximum periods of 21… 
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Elimination of sulphamerazine in sheep.
The mammary excretion of sulphamerazine was examined in ewes given a continuous intravenous infusion and clearance of the non-protein-bound fraction was slightly more or similar to the creatinine clearance, but was influenced by changes in the pH of urine, since clearance was greater in slightly alkaline and less in acidic urine.
Half-life, volume of distribution and acetylation of sulphamerazine in sheep.
  • M. Atef
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Zentralblatt fur Veterinarmedizin. Reihe A
  • 1978
The half-lives indicated the presence of two phases, α and s, of sulphamerazine following oral and intramuscular routes, whereas the distribution phase (α) after intravenous injection was 48 ± 4 minutes and the elimination half-life (s phase) in plasma was 340 ± 8 to 452 ± 10 minutes.
Citrate metabolism in 16 Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroides and subsp. dextranicum strains
Citrate degradation ability was stable for at least 130 generations in 81% of the Leuconostoc strains and the main degradation products resulting from the co-metabolism of citrate and glucose were acetate, lactate and pyruvate.


Sulfanilamide in the Treatment of Streptococcic Mastitis
Sixteen cows treated for streptococcic mastitis with sulfanilamide gave favorable results with a reduction of inflammation of the udder and restoration of normal-appearing milk, and five grams per 100 pounds body weight seemed to be as effective as larger doses in relieving clinical symptoms of acute mastitis.
Simplified Partition Chromatographic Procedures