Secret key distillation across a quantum wiretap channel under restricted eavesdropping

  title={Secret key distillation across a quantum wiretap channel under restricted eavesdropping},
  author={Z. Pan and Kaushik P. Seshadreesan and William Clark and Mark R. Adcock and I. Djordjevic and J. Shapiro and S. Guha},
The theory of quantum cryptography aims to guarantee unconditional information-theoretic security against an omnipotent eavesdropper. In many practical scenarios, however, the assumption of an all-powerful adversary is excessive and can be relaxed considerably. In this paper we study secret key distillation across a lossy and noisy quantum wiretap channel between Alice and Bob, with a separately parameterized realistically lossy quantum channel to the eavesdropper Eve. We show that under such… Expand
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