Secondhand smoke exposure and mental health in adults: a meta-analysis of cross-sectional studies

  title={Secondhand smoke exposure and mental health in adults: a meta-analysis of cross-sectional studies},
  author={Yanbei Zeng and Ya-Min Li},
  journal={Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology},
  • Y. ZengYa-Min Li
  • Published 1 September 2016
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology
PurposePrevious studies assessing secondhand smoke (SHS) and risk of mental health problems have yielded inconsistent results. We performed a meta-analysis to statistically assess the association between SHS exposure, depressive symptoms and psychological distress among adults.MethodsA systematically search of Pubmed (1946–2015) and EMBASE (1976–2015) was conducted and supplemented by bibliographies of all retrieved articles to find additional relevant citations. Odds ratios (OR) and associated… 

Relationship between Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Depressive Symptoms: A Systematic Review and Dose–Response Meta-Analysis

The findings suggest that SHS exposure is associated with increasing odds of depressive symptoms in a dose–response manner.

Association Between Second-hand Smoke Exposure and Depressive Symptoms Among Japanese Adults: A Cross-sectional Study

The association between second-hand smoking and depressive symptoms was significant among non-smokers, but not among smokers, indicating the importance of tobacco smoke control for mental health.

Setting-Specific and Symptom-Specific Association between Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Depressive Symptoms

The findings suggest dose-response relationships between SHS exposure and depressive symptoms in sex-specific and symptom-specific manners and when differentiating this relationship by sex, only females showed a significant dose- response relationship.

The association between exposure to second-hand smoke and major depressive disorder in perimenopausal women: results from apopulation-based study

The present study results augment the understanding of the clinical and public health significance of SHS, as well as the role of various socioeconomic and self-rated health conditions, in perimenopausal women.

Association Between Place of Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Depression Among Nonsmoking Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review

The majority of the studies showed a positive association between depression and SHS exposure in both private and public places among nonsmoking children and adolescents, and concluded a dose-response relationship betweenSHS exposure and depression.

Is exposure to secondhand smoke associated with current depression (PHQ-8) among never-smokers? Results from a survey among German adults

Higher levels of SHS exposure are associated with current depression, although the nature and direction of the association is still unclear, and no differences in the association between men and women are identified.

Dose–Response Relationships between Second-Hand Smoke Exposure and Depressive Symptoms among Adolescents in Guangzhou, China

  • Jingya HuangBin Xu X. Ye
  • Psychology
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2018
It is suggested that regular SHS exposure is associated with a significant, dose-dependent increase in risk of depressive symptoms among adolescents, and the need for smoke-free environments to protect the health of adolescents is highlighted.

Tobacco smoke exposure among women in Turkey and determinants

The need to target young employed women of low socioeconomic and educational levels, who consume alcohol, with poor overall health, and receive psychosocial support is highlighted, thus tobacco prevention and quitting programs should focus on these groups.



Association of mental distress with smoking status in the community: Results from the Gutenberg Health Study.

Objectively assessed secondhand smoke exposure and mental health in adults: cross-sectional and prospective evidence from the Scottish Health Survey.

Exposure to SHS is associated with psychological distress and risk of future psychiatric illness in healthy adults, and the importance of reducing SHS exposure at a population level not only for physical health but also for mental health is emphasized.

Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Depressive Symptoms

Serum cotinine-documented SHS exposure was positively associated with depressive symptoms in never-smokers, even after adjustment for age, race/ethnicity, gender, education, alcohol consumption, and medical comorbidities.

Second hand smoke exposure in public venues and mental disorder: a representative nationwide study of China

Findings underscore the importance of controlling SHS exposure, and can be used to inform future SHS control policies and reinforce the need for public education in China.