Secondary metabolite and mycotoxin production by the Rhizopus microsporus group.

  title={Secondary metabolite and mycotoxin production by the Rhizopus microsporus group.},
  author={Jennifer Jennessen and Kristian Fog Nielsen and Jos Houbraken and Ellen Kirstine Lyhne and Johan Schn{\"u}rer and Jens C Frisvad and Robert a. Samson},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={53 5},
Fast-growing Zygomycetes, most notably Rhizopus oligosporus, are traditionally used in many food fermentations, for example, for soybean tempeh production. R. oligosporus is considered to belong to the Rhizopus microsporus group. Certain R. microsporus strains have been reported to produce either the pharmaceutically active rhizoxins or the highly toxic rhizonins A and B. In this study was investigated the formation of secondary metabolites by R. microsporus, R. oligosporus, and Rhizopus… CONTINUE READING

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