Secondary leukemia with a translocation (8;21)?


The clinical features and cytogenetic changes of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) developing 10 years after radiotherapy and chemotherapy (for osteosarcoma) are described. Features of both de novo AML [FAB M2 morphology, t(8;21), and "secondary leukemia" (additional cytogenetic changes, resistance to chemotherapy) were present. The importance of differentiation between primary and "therapy-linked" disease, and the difficulties in making such a distinction, are discussed.

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@article{Davies1988SecondaryLW, title={Secondary leukemia with a translocation (8;21)?}, author={S V Davies and John A. Murray and S M Bowser-Riley}, journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics}, year={1988}, volume={31 2}, pages={271-4} }