Secondary fatty alcohols of Mycobacterium xenopi.

  title={Secondary fatty alcohols of Mycobacterium xenopi.},
  author={Srinivas Alugupalli and L. Viktor Larsson},
  journal={Journal of general microbiology},
  volume={138 12},
Secondary alcohols of Mycobacterium xenopi were studied by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Mycobacterial cells were hydrolysed and the liberated alcohols separated by extraction and analysed both underivatized and as trimethylsilyl, methyl ether- and pentafluorobenzoyl derivatives. Seven straight-chain secondary alcohols containing from 18 to 24 carbon atoms and two branched-chain secondary alcohols with 21 and 23 carbon atoms were present in all of the studied… CONTINUE READING

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