Secondary amyloidosis in association with Aspergillus lung disease.

  title={Secondary amyloidosis in association with Aspergillus lung disease.},
  author={J. H. S. Winter and Robert Milroy and Robin D. Stevenson and John T Hunter},
  journal={British journal of diseases of the chest},
  volume={80 4},
Three patients with amyloidosis secondary to bronchiectasis are described: in two patients bronchiectasis was secondary to allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and in the third, post-tuberculous bronchiectasis was complicated by asthma and allergy to Aspergillus. We suggest that chronic Aspergillus allergy may cause amyloidosis and that some cases of amyloidosis ascribed to tuberculosis in the past may in fact have been secondary to Aspergillus allergy. 

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