Secondary Metabolites from the Fungus Quambalaria cyanescens

  title={Secondary Metabolites from the Fungus Quambalaria cyanescens},
  author={Daoud W. Bishay and Afaf M. Abdel-baky and Ahmed M. Moharram and Lourin G. Malak and Radhakrishnan Srivedavyasasri and Samir A Ross},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
A phytochemical study of the fungus Quambalaria cyanescens led to the isolation of one new natural compound (1), along with four known compounds (2–5). The structures of the isolated metabolites were elucidated based on spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques. The fatty acid composition of Q. cyanescens was determined by GC/MS and found to consist of… CONTINUE READING