Secondary Metabolites from the Fungus Emericella Nidulans

  title={Secondary Metabolites from the Fungus Emericella Nidulans},
  author={Amer Tarawneh and Francisco Le{\'o}n and Mohamed M. Radwan and Luiz Henrique Rosa and Stephen J. Cutler},
  journal={Natural Product Communications},
A new polyketide derivative koninginin H (1), has been isolated from the fungus Emericella nidulans, together with koninginin E (2), koninginin A (3), trichodermatide B (4), citrantifidiol (5), (4S,5R)-4-hydroxy-5-methylfuran-2-one (6), the glycerol derivatives gingerglycolipid B (7), (2S)-bis[9Z,12Z]-1-O, 2-O-dilinoleoyl-3-O-[α-D-galactopyranosyl-(1″→6′)β-D-galactopyranosyl]glycerol (8), (2S)-bis[9Z,12Z]-1-O, 2-O-dilinoleoyl-3-O-β-D-galactopyranosylglycerol (9), the cerebroside flavuside B (10… 

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