Second-order excitation mediated by a backward conditioned inhibitor.

  title={Second-order excitation mediated by a backward conditioned inhibitor.},
  author={Robert C Barnet and Ralph R. Miller},
  journal={Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes},
  volume={22 3},
Conditioned suppression studies with rats explored the informational content of a backward conditioned inhibitor. Pairings of an unconditioned stimulus (US) and Stimulus 1 (US-->S1) established S1 as an inhibitor in Experiment 1. Pairing the inhibitor S1 with a novel S2 (S2-->S1) promoted excitatory second-order conditioning (SOC) to S2, which suggested S1 was well associated with the US. Degrading presumed S1-US associations in Experiment 2 by S1- (extinction) treatment eliminated S2's… CONTINUE READING

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