Second-look operative laparoscopy 1 year following reproductive surgery.

  title={Second-look operative laparoscopy 1 year following reproductive surgery.},
  author={Togas Tulandi and Tommaso Falcone and Irit Kafka},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={52 3},
To evaluate the efficacy of a second-look operative laparoscopy following a reproductive surgery, a randomized study was conducted on women who failed to conceive 1 year following terminal salpingostomy or following salpingo-ovariolysis by laparotomy. There is no significant difference in the cumulative probability of pregnancy at 12, 24, and 36 months follow-up between women who underwent second-look operative laparoscopy 1 year after salpingo-ovariolysis (27%, 67%, and 67%) and women who were… CONTINUE READING