Second harmonic microscopy of monolayer MoS 2

  title={Second harmonic microscopy of monolayer MoS 2},
  author={Nardeep Kumar and S. Najmaei and Q. Cui and F. Ceballos and P. Ajayan and J. Lou and H. Zhao},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We show that the lack of inversion symmetry in monolayer MoS2 allows strong optical second harmonic generation. Second harmonic of an 810-nm pulse is generated in a mechanically exfoliated monolayer, with a nonlinear susceptibility on the order of 1E-7 m/V. The susceptibility reduces by a factor of seven in trilayers, and by about two orders of magnitude in even layers. A proof-of-principle second harmonic microscopy measurement is performed on samples grown by chemical vapor deposition, which… Expand

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