Second finding of Nematops microstoma Günther, 1880 (Pleuronectiformes, Poecilopsettidae) in the equatorial pacific

  title={Second finding of Nematops microstoma G{\"u}nther, 1880 (Pleuronectiformes, Poecilopsettidae) in the equatorial pacific},
  author={E. P. Voronina and Sergei A. Evseenko},
  journal={Journal of Ichthyology},
A second finding of the right-eyed flounder Nematops microstoma in the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean (two individuals from the Gilbert Islands), previously known only from type locality near the Admiralty Islands, is reported. Illustrated descriptions of specific features of morphology of caught individuals are provided, and their identification with… CONTINUE READING