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Secession from failed states : ethical and practical issues with current approaches

  title={Secession from failed states : ethical and practical issues with current approaches},
  author={E A Brown},
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The United Nations, Self-Determination, State Failure and Secession
As this chapter will find, the United Nations (UN) has made several declarations concerning self-determination; the stance of the UN on self-determination can appear somewhat contradictory at times,


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Chechnya and Kosovo
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The Case for Nation-building: Why and How to Fix Failed States
FeatuReS | 63 Nation-building has a bad reputation. The phrase conjures up images of well-meaning but hapless U.S. Soldiers or United Nations (UN) peacekeepers involved in an expensive, complicated,
Challenges to Liberal Democracy
State-Within-a-Failed-State: Somaliland and the Challenge of International Recognition
The other chapters of this volume address the concept of a state-within-a-state. The subject of this chapter—the unrecognized Republic of Somaliland—brings a new twist to the genre: a
The Responsibility to Protect as an Impetus for Secessionist Movements: On the Necessity to Re-Think Territorial Integrity
As with every new and major development, the Responsibility to Protect-doctrine naturally comes with a series of unintended consequences. One of these is its profound impact on secessionist