Sebaceous carcinoma of the penis.

  title={Sebaceous carcinoma of the penis.},
  author={Antonio Augusto Ornellas and Rodrigo Frota and Luis Felipe Lopes da Silva and Breno Dauster and Raul Quirino and Aline Barros de Santos Schwindt and Maria Rita Pereira},
  journal={Urologia internationalis},
  volume={82 4},
Sebaceous carcinoma is a very aggressive malignant tumor, derived from the adnexal epithelium of sebaceous glands. Extraocular sebaceous carcinoma is a very uncommon neoplasm usually localized on the head and neck. To our knowledge, there are only 2 previously reported cases of sebaceous carcinoma on the penis. We report the clinicopathologic data on 3… CONTINUE READING